What we owe the Copts -2

October 19, 2011

Among the responses to this week’s ‘ww’ about the contribution the Copts have made to civilisation and Christianity in Europe was the following from a reader in Egypt:

As a resident of Alexandria I am close to some of what happened during this annus horribilis for the Copts here in Egypt.
I had and have the privilege to visit the most harmed among the injured from the New Year's attack on the big Coptic church here in Alexandria. (see photos).
Even this week myself and friends from an International church are out in that quarter of town to find out about their present needs and in order to spread encouragement.
It appears to me that many of those with multiple injuries still would have to have more treatment (e.g. we have raised funds to pay for the eardrum-surgeries that dozens of them would need but don't have the finances for).
From what I hear it is the Coptic church only which tries to take care of the needs of those 117 from the attack in Alexandria alone and surely of the many others from the Cairo-attacks. 
Several are in a situation that they are likely to be unable to work and support themselves and their families.
Again we tried to help as there is no talk about perhaps the state helping with a pension or something, despite the fact that it was laid out in the media that the responsible one for the Alexandria attack was the then Interior Minister of the former regime.

How to help:
If you would like to help financially, by organising a collection in your church, among friends, or in your organisation, a cake stall, a garage sale… whatever,
gifts can be sent via the following address. It is the safest and most direct way I know through personal contacts to channel monies to those injured in Egypt.

The German Evangelical Lutheran Church Cairo:
Bank für Kirche und Diakonie Dortmund
Schwanenwall 27
D- 44135 Dortmund

Konto-Nummer/ account number: 1010 99 6011 BLZ: 350 601 90, please remark „Alexandriahilfe“ 
IBAN: DE 58 3506 0190 1010 9960 11

Till next week,
 Jeff Fountain

Till next week,

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