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September 22, 2004

A most interesting response to the last w e e k l y w o r d, from David Pott. David, a YWAMer from London, is project leader of the Lifeline Expedition (see www.lifelineexpedition.co.uk) which is a series of reconciliation journeys responding to the legacy of the Atlantic slave trade. The distinctive features of their journeys is firstly that they always have Africans, Africans of the Diaspora and white Europeans and Americans journeying together and secondly that the white people walk in replica yokes and chains as a symbolic sign of apology for the slave trade. The response of slave descendants themselves has been very moving. Another subject for a future ww.

Dear Jeff,

I thought you would be interested to know that my uncle was John Frost, who held the bridge at Arnhem and was played by Anthony Hopkins in A Bridge Too Far. My father, John Pott, also dropped at Arnhem and was shot soon after landing. He was taken to a prison hospital from which he escaped, but he was recaptured. He is now 84 and was with my brother Tim in Arnhem for the commemoration.

Grace & peace on the Way,

Till next week,

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