In memoriam: Warren Carter 1951-2011

February 28, 2011

Warren Carter, convenor of the Hope for Europe prayer network, died in Salzburg hospital on February 14, six days after sustaining brain injuries in ski accident. While giving ski lessons to his son and other children, he slipped and hit his head against a concrete beam. 
Aged 59, he was father(-in-law) to Jonathan (13) and David (7), Christopher and Liz, grandfather to Genna, Maegan and Jackson, and husband to Leanne. A Memorial Service was held in Vienna for Warren last Wednesday in their local church, the Evangelikale Gemeinde Baden, near Vienna. 
We knew Warren through his involvement with the prayer network of Hope for Europe. He had left his motherland, The USA, to identify with the spiritual needs of Europe. He and Leanne had set up an organisation called Discipling the Nations, based in Missouri, to facilitate their work.
Warren focused on leadership development and mentoring pastors in Austria and beyond to East and Central Europe.
Warren had a BS in engineering, an MBA from Cornell University, and a leadership diploma from Fuller School of World Missions.
We are very thankful for Warren's life and the gift he was to many. He leaves a large hole in our hearts and fellowship, but he also leaves a strong memory of a brother passionate for Jesus, and deeply committed to the transformation of this continent through prayer.
HOPE for Europe has been strengthened by Warren's leadership in the networking of prayer. We thank God for the personal enrichment we received by travelling with him on a ten-year stretch of our journey.
We had expected him to be with us this week in Budapest for a meeting of the Hope For Europe working group to prepare for HOPE•II, where he was to convene the prayer consultation.
Leanne wrote to friends and supporters asking what lay ahead for her and the boys as follows:
 "I am sure many questions come to mind. The first many ask is what are Jonathan and David and I going to do.  My ministry and our family life has been rooted and centered in Austria for decades and we are firmly committed to continuing the work the Lord has started and is continuing. Discipling the Nations, the mission Warren and I founded, will remain the ministry vehicle through which I will work and serve and for this I am very grateful. Our partnership with Action Canada also continues.
“As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we do not fear but we are heartbroken over the loss of our precious husband/father. We are grateful for your love and prayers for us here and our son Christopher and his family in Wheaton and all of those who loved Warren."

Jeff Fountain
on behalf of HOPE for Europe

Till next week,

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