Mother Theresa’s Jesus

July 30, 2022

Who is our Jesus?

Here’s Mother Theresa’s answer in her own handwriting. I came across this last week in the Memorial House built to commemorate her in the heart of Skopje, Macedonia, with her letters, meditations (some written on old envelopes) and awards (including the Nobel Peace Prize) on display. The house was built where the former Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church stood, where Mother Teresa was baptised in 1910. Out of this city, then called Üsküb and still part of the Ottoman Empire, emerged a global icon, the world’s conscience, champion of the poor, the unborn, the homeless and the lonely.

Here she reveals her guiding light.

Who is our Jesus?

PS. Don’t miss this fascinating story of how Stalin’s oppression of Ukraine spread revival and churches across Siberia, offering a larger perspective on current events.

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    • Thank you so much for giving these words of .Mother Theresa I found it so enlightening Also thought Mother Theresa had a heart of gold so encouraging to read how she liv ed out her life . Blessing others with her love and God’s love accepting all .

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